Eliminate Preprinted Forms at Outside Service

Case Study 19


The customer is a real estate asset management company with 18,000 condominiums under management. They were utilizing an outside service bureau to print their monthly bills and delinquency statements. This service was expensive and prone to delays. In addition, the bills and statements had to be either picked up from the service or delivered manually.


OctoTools™ was chosen to reformat their AS/400 output thus eliminating the cost and inconvenience of using an outside firm. The output was printed locally using PCL emulation on their existing Toshiba Studio 810 high speed digital copier. OctoTools is running on a Windows based server and utilizes Remote Print Manager to access and manage the AS/400 output queues. The customer now has the ability to use the automatic email feature of OctoTools which can provide condo owners their statements via email (eliminating mailing costs). Web access can also be enabled for condo owners to examine historical information which not only provides immediate access for the condo owner, but also eliminates costly overhead for the asset manager. No additional hardware or software cost is required. The company expects to eliminate substantial expenses when the email and user access facility is added.

Typical Applications:

  • Reformatting Invoices and Customer Account Statements
  • Customer Online Statement Viewing
  • Customer Service access of Document Archives
  • Electronic Document Disbursement (via automatic e-mail)

Products Required: OctoTools, RPM

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