OctoTools PDF Extractor - Extract your data with 100% accuracy

OctoTools PDF Extractor will extract data fields out of a PDF without use of any inaccurate OCR and will provide 100% accurate data values. Data values will be saved in CSV and/or XML format. Multiple extraction templates may be specified and checked to automatically process a stream of documents in different formats.
Files may be emailed to recipient, saved/renamed, printed as single or multiple copies. Utilizing the CSV and XML data extracted the document may be stored in almost any Document Management System. A native interface to store in DocuWare is included at no cost.
OctoTools PDF Extractor will eliminate the following problems:

  • Scanning of documents
  • OCR errors
  • Manual OCR corrections
  • Expensive software

OctoTools PDF Extractor will work with the following document types:
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Shipping documents
  • Policies
  • Many other documents

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