Forms Design, Variable Data Printing,
Printed Form Replacement,
Text to PDF Conversion and Document Archiving

OctoTools is a document management tool that encompasses Variable Data Printing Software,Forms Design, Report Formatting, Electronic Distribution, Printing, and Text to PDF conversion. Once set up, OctoTools runs automatically to provide high volume throughput without operator involvement. OctoTools is composed of two main modules; OctoDesigner and OctoToolsRTE (Run Time Engine).

Eliminate Pre-printed Forms

  • Pre-printed and multi-part forms can be eliminated
  • Automated batch processing and distribution of forms is enabled
  • Printing, paper supplies, and associated overhead can be significantly reduced
  • Easy to implement barcodes including 25 styles, POSTNET and 2-D PDF417
  • MICR checks can be created on blank check stock
  • 128 bit Acrobat compatible encryption is available. For maximum security, each user or group can have its own key
  • Data is universally available electronically through Adobe supported PDF files
  • PDFs exactly match the print output since a single template is used for both printing and PDF conversion
  • Emailing, Web Posting, and archiving are seamlessly integrated with report data
  • Report to Excel Conversion, Report to CSV Conversion
  • View OctoTools sample output or a PowerPoint presentation

OctoTools Return on Investment

Depending on the reduction of your print output volume, you can save thousands of dollars per day in paper, supplies and overhead costs. Additional savings by eliminating the outside printing costs of pre-printed forms greatly enhances your ROI

The data recorded on a single CDROM can save a minimum of $1570 and storage space for almost 1000 pounds of paper.

A common 100 gb hard disk can save an organization over $875,000 and storage space for more than 25 million pages, 480,000 pounds of paper. Download our Excel spreadsheet and compute your own ROI!

A Lower Cost Alternative to more Expensive Solutions

OctoTool's unique combination of features includes functionality similar to, and in most cases superior to more expensive packages without sacrificing service, reliability, or compatibility. Use OctoTools as a lower cost alternative to:

  • PlanetPress® & Image Watch®
  • DocForm™ & PrintConsole Pro™
  • FormPort™ Pro & FormTrap™
  • Winspool/400™ & Electronic Forms
  • Create!form® & Email, Archive & Print
  • Liquid Office™
  • EZDocs/400
  • XLPrint, Paris, Lapres

Who can use OctoTools?

  • Businesses of all sizes, small through Fortune 500.
  • Federal, state, county and city governmental agencies.
  • Colleges, universities and educational consortium.
  • Healthcare providers and insurance carriers.
  • Product manufacturers.
  • Centralized billing services.

Sample Applications:

  • Electronic Bill Presentment
  • Invoicing Paper and/or Electronic
  • Mail and Report Distribution
  • Eliminate Pre-printed forms
  • Enhanced Document Output
  • Document Archiving to improve CRM
  • Legacy Reconfiguration
  • Convert to PCL and Laser Print Output
  • Archiving to disk, DVD, and CDROM

Works well with output from:

  • PeopleSoft®
  • WebSphere®
  • SAP®
  • Banner™
  • Karmak®
  • MAPICS™ Syteline ERP
  • Infor SX Enterprise®
  • Infor ERP LX®
  • Infor ERP MANMAN®
  • Crystal Reports®
  • JD Edwards One World™
  • IPPrintway™
  • Just about any application providing legacy text reports

Products are trade marks and registered trade marks of their respective manufacturers: Objectif Lune, Printech Inc. , ForTrap Inc., RJS Software Inc., Create!form, Cardiff Inc., Acom Inc.Business Objects, PeopleSoft, IBM Corp., SAP AG, Sungard SCT, Karmak Inc., JD Edwards, Infor and Fiserv.

Replace Multipart Forms
Save thousands of dollars per day in paper, supplies, and overhead costs...
Eliminate pre-printed and Multi-part Forms... read more on replacing multi-part forms