OctoTools™ OFP
OctoTools Forms Processor

OctoTools OFP is a tool that allows you to build and distribute unlimited number of Adobe PDF fillable forms. OFP allows you to submit filled forms from Adobe Reader without the use of extended reader function which limits you to 500 copies of a form. The Adobe charges for unlimited submissions of a PDF form using extended reader functionality is $10,000 per form. OFP will allow you to harvest form fields from PDF and FDF files and save the results as CSV or XML data. The results can be fed into Document Management Systems or ERP systems.

Advanced features setting fields to read only, flattening(making non changeable), addition of sequence numbers with or without barcodes, email forwarding of finalized copies and long field relocation.


Immediate Online Proof of Delivery using IPAD and Android Tablets

  • Totally paperless workflow
  • Immediately sent to home office for processing delivery documents on IPAD
  • No lost or illegible forms
  • Sign delivery documents on IPAD and Android
  • Type in legible comments/annotations for order changes, additions or damaged items
  • Click and Pay for COD items
  • Automatically email recipient a copy
  • Optionally interface with OctoTools VDP to create or prefill the form
  • Send all visible and hidden fields as ASCII text to Document Management System or ERP application
  • 100% data accuracy
  • No OCR is required or used
  • No scanning delay, no manual indexing
  • Unlimited form submission without surcharges


OFP Features and Benefits

  • Use free Adobe Reader to submit forms, users do not need costly Acrobat
  • Totally paperless and automated workflow
  • Unlimited forms submissions
  • Harvest form fields from PDF and FDF files and save the results as CSV or XML data
  • Unlike HTML, forms map to printed document exactly
  • Design forms easily using Acrobat Pro
  • Prefill forms data from ERP using OctoTools VDP
  • Do arithmetic computations
  • Interfaces seamlessly with IPADs
  • Text boxes, radio buttons, list and combo boxes are available
  • E-Sign using PIN
  • No per user charge, server based pricing
  • View a PowerPoint presentation

Who can use OctoTools?

  • Businesses of all sizes, small through Fortune 500.
  • Federal, state, county and city governmental agencies.
  • Colleges, universities and educational consortium.
  • Healthcare providers and insurance carriers.
  • Product manufacturers.
  • Centralized billing services.

Sample Applications:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Expense Reports
  • Medical Records
  • Job Applications and other Personnel Forms
  • Driver Delivery Acknowledgements
  • Eligibility Forms

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