Convert OS/390 Reports to PDF for Indexing and
Storage Without User Intervention

Case Study 10


A large financial firm had several years of reports stored on OS/390 archive tapes. They were implementing an enterprise wide imaging systems and wanted to convert all the OS/390 documents to PDF for processing, indexing and storage by the new system. The system had to run without operator intervention at the Windows side.


RPM will receive mainframe output from an OS/390 using IBM's IPPrintway, and pass it to OctoPDF. OctoPDF will convert them to PDF placing them in a user defined directory structure. The reports are then imported into the enterprise imaging system for indexing. No user intervention is involved. The customer has stated "OctoPDF is his favorite program, it just runs without any problems".

Typical Applications:

  • General Ledger Reports, Fixed Assets and other financial reports
  • Payroll

Products Required: OctoPDF™, and RPM Remote Print Manager®

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