Eliminate Printing and Movement of
Medium-Large Volumes of Paper

Case Study 3


Large volumes of paper were being delivered to other buildings and the support staff and end user could not simultaneously look at the same hardcopy report thus requiring duplicate copies. Staff would be non-productive when they went to pick up the reports.


Use RPM to receive the reports from their LPR environment including S/390 using VPS/TCPIP or IBM's IPPrintway

Use OctoPDF to convert reports to PDF and store them in any directories chosen by the user. Depending on which system sent the report the following fields may be used for report naming.

  • Jobname
  • Userid
  • Jobnumber
  • Report id
  • Date/time
  • Data can be selected from the first page of the report

Typical Applications:

  • College campus'
  • Corporate multi-floor multi location
  • Eliminate wasted time for pickup of reports

Products Required: OctoPDF™, RPM Remote Print Manager®, and optionally OctoBurst

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