Infor 10 ERP Business (Syteline)- Eliminate multipart forms and preprinted checks Case Study

Case Study 22



We're a metal stamper/fabricator. We make custom metal parts from sheet metal as well as line of food service equipment. We have about 220 employees. We originally started looking for a way to eliminate multi-part forms and dot-matrix printers. We looked at dozens of software packages. Most were complex, loaded with capabilities we didn't need and very expensive. We demoed Octotools and found it was a good fit for us... Ran on a single PC. Could accept text output from our Infor 10 ERP Business (Syteline)system meaning we didn't need to make any programming changes to Syteline. Included a forms design package so we could create/modify replacement forms ourselves. Once forms are setup, very little maintenance is required. Much less expensive than the other software we reviewed. Our initial implementation allowed us to eliminate... 5-part PO forms 4-part Invoice forms Pre-printed check stock Additionally, we have used Octotools to print shipping address labels out of Syteline to Zebra label printers. Octotool's ability to save PDF images in an automated hierarchical directory structure has provided us with a very handy and quick way to pull up history. .


We estimated our first year savings for eliminating multi-part forms and printing our forms on a color laserjet to be $8,350. We also implemented automatic e-mailing of POs to our vendors, eliminating an additional $1,900 in mailing costs. Other benefits are that forms generated out of Octotools are already in electronic format so no secondary scanning is required. Direct emailing of POs eliminated snail-mail wait time or the need to place verbal orders by phone. Octotools is a very cost-effective and flexible software that significantly extend what your ERP system can do. Once you set it up, it needs very little attention. It's great. ---------------------- Bob Hartung Dir of I.T. Wisco Industries, Inc.

Products Required: OctoTools, RPM Remote Print Manager LPD Server, Acrobat Reader

Replace Multipart Forms
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